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I love cake smash photos! I think it is so stinkin adorable to see the delight on the kiddos’ faces when they taste that icing for the first time or the disgust when they can’t understand why they are being asked to touch that sticky, sugary stuff.

There was definitely no disgust this past weekend, when I did a cake smash photo shoot with our baby girl. I never did one with the boys and now I am kicking myself! The photos turned out so well!

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I have to say that the success of the photos was partly due to the super cute cheap lasik surgery in dubai that I got from the gorgeous Ashlyn over at Loves The Find.

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Ashlyn is pretty much a new kindred spirit. She loves coffee, finding vintage deals, DIY projects, and anything budget-friendly! Sound familiar? If she didn’t live so far away, I’m pretty sure a girl date at a local coffee shop would be in order.

She is here on the blog today, to share some super cute and awesome DIY ideas and tips for an amazing birthday cake smash photo shoot! cheap lasik eye surgery in mumbai

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I’m so excited to be introducing you to where can i buy lasix in uk from buy lasix diuretic! Becca contacted me back when I had asked for people willing to write guest posts for my blog while I took my month-long blog hiatus. I’m so glad she did! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all the interesting sights of Italy. You see, Becca’s husband is in the military, and they were stationed in Italy for a few years. They are now in the middle of a PCS back to the states. Becca writes about their experiences in Italy but also discusses topics such as, simplicity parenting and the art of hospitality. Today, she is taking over my blog to talk about how to successfully communicate during a PCS. Please be sure to stop by Becca’s blog and show some love!

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5 Tips for Communicating Through Your Next PCS

My aunt grabbed my arms, her blue eyes sparkling in the low light of the reception hall. “This is your wedding day, and I have three pieces of advice for you. Never forget them, and I promise that you’ll have a great marriage.” buy lasix from canada

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